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I’m going to make this into a seperate account.

It is currently a side blog, but I think it will be better as a separate account. It will be the same url. Just come back to my page in about five minutes and re-follow!

→ Want something gifed?

Come and request it! I’m here to help anyone, especially roleplayers. If you want a video gifed, I’ll do it. If your FC has very little gifs, just request him or her in my ask box and I’ll make at least 20 gifs from various appearances in movies and shows they’ve been in.

Charlotte Free Roleplaying Gifs

In one of my roleplays, a member uses her as an FC. I’ve noticed that most of her gifs aren’t really good for roleplaying (most are her modeling), so I made a few for said rper. I’m posting them because I know others would appreciate these.


I take requests

Gif Count: 12

5 in color

7 B&W

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